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Foreigner Characters
  Adams town Location 01. Foreigner         Human city, on Mospheira.
  Adjaiwaio People/Clan 01. Foreigner     Glossary: a remote atevi population. Remote eastern association, where historically people believed in a different philosophy (midei/dahemidei; believers are called midedeni), which is now generally considered a heresy, though this divergent belief still lingers in the countryside of Adjaiwaio. Quotes from Jago: "Midedeni believe luck and favor reside in people. It was a heresy, of course." "Oh, half of Adjaiwaio still believes something like that, in the country, anyway - that you're supposed to Associate with everybody you meet."
Adjaiwaio is a remote Association; the midedeni were all eastern.
  Agricultural Association   01. Foreigner       Commerce Company (or Guild?), owns one of the major central buildings in the urban sprawl of Shejidan, visible from the air.
  Ajuri clan People/Clan Deliberations Deliberations Ajuri clan is central to the Northern Association. Ajuri hate Tatiseigi personally, as an Atageini-Ajuri marriage had gone very bad, years before Deliberations. The minor daughter of that marriage spent a few seasons with Tatiseigi, which seemed to patch the feud, but went back to her father's Ajuri clan in a huff.
As Tatiseigi sides with Ilisidi, this causes Ajuri to align with Tabini, in the perceived upcoming struggle.
  Ajuri A Northern association clan whose man'chi is not very reliable.
  Algini Atevi 01. Foreigner 01. Foreigner After the assassination attempt on Bren's life, his assigned servants Moni and Taigi are (nominally) replaced by Algini and Tano, who seem rather glum.
Bodyguard, Assassin On the surface his man'chi is to the aiji; secretly to the Master of the Assassins' Guild. Algini and Tano are one of the best teams from the Assassins' Guild. Algini is an explosives expert.
He's a very private man, with a difficult past, no family, and no attachments except to Tano. Later in the series, he grows attached to Bren and his aishid; his man'chi changes to go to Bren, and through Bren to Tabini.
Foreigner Glossary: glum servant's name, security agent.
  Alujis river Location 01. Foreigner         Brominandi is governor of Entaillan province, a very boring speaker, involved in a contentious issue (already running 50 years with suits and countersuits): Alujis river rights, 2 upstream provinces against 3 downstream which relied on its water for irrigation.
  Alujisan Location 01. Foreigner       Airport An airport where a small jet plane can refuel, en route between Wigairiin and Shejidan. Runway is longer than at Mogaru.
  Antaro Atevi 07. Destroyer 09. Deliverer Antaro and her brother Jegari accompany Cajeiri everywhere, and act as unofficial bodyguards for him, though they aren't in Guild training yet.
She tries to protect Cajeiri when he gets kidnapped, but is left unconscious at the foot of the secret stairs in Ilisidi's residence in the Bu-javid.
Bodyguards-in-training, aishi for Cajeiri Cajeiri's household within the aiji's household. Nickname = Taro. Jegari and Antaro are brother and sister, a few years older than Cajeiri (about 16 and 17 years old), from Taiben. Their parents are fairly high in the hierarchy of the group which picks up Bren and company after they land from space, but not at the top. Antaro, the girl, is the elder of the two.
They became attached to Cajeiri on his return from space (man'chi), and followed him to the Bu-javid. They have trained as rangers in the woods, but not in the Bu-javid, and aren't in Guild training yet. They try to act as Cajeiri's protectors, and help him when they can: their loyalty is strong.
  Artur Human 07. Destroyer 07. Destroyer Returned to Atevi space on Phoenix. Young associate of Cajeiri on Phoenix during the return from Reunion Station where he was born.    
  Aseida Atevi 14. Protector 15. Peacemaker Arrested at Asien'dalun for complicity in attack on Tirnamardi, and assassination attempt on Tatiseigi. Attack endangered Cajeiri, Ilisidi, Bren, Jase Graham, Artur, Gene, and Irene (children from Reunion). Kaplan and Polano (Jase's ship security detail on planet) participated in arrest in which Haikuti was killed. Lord of the Kadagidi, most likely figurehead for Haikuti.    
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